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Innocent Hemp Patches

for the dreamer who wants to push further

feeling good

every day & night

Every Jaywalk patch lasts for 48 full hours, bringing you relief throughout
your day, your night, your day, and your night.


California Crafted

Organic Feelings

Premium Dosing

48 hours of continuous lasting relief, delivered transdermally—the most potent method known to hemp.


Hemp should be healthy & squeaky clean. It's why we only use organically grown hemp and the finest ingredients.


Thoughtfully crafted in small batches to ensure quality in every patch. Made by humans who dedicate their life to their craft.

  • Why Patches?

    Wearable lasts longer. Good feelings shouldn't last just a few hours. Every Jaywalk patch lasts for 48 full hours.

    A patch is transdermal, meaning it works the CBD and CBN through your skin, directly into your blood. It's more effective in delivering cannabinoids like CBD to your body than other methods of dosing. Other methods miss out on a lot of the good stuff that's lost in digestion. Bioavailability is important!