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An Introductory Guide to Cannabis Infused Yoga

Setting aside time for yourself to decompress is essential. Our senses are constantly in overdrive, bombarded with every little thing day in and day out. You know the feeling… over-caffeinated and attempting to multi-task; making a mental to-do list while listening half-heartedly to a conversation. A powerful complement to your daily routine, yoga can be an excellent way to physically relax, while staying mentally present.

People find solace in yoga. It can bring about self-discovery, self-love, and tools to deal with life’s hardships. It potentially can pave a path for people to be empathetic towards others, by being able to look past the surface and better understand each other through self-awareness.

Yoga professes a complete system of physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.

Why Yoga & Cannabis

Cannabis-enhanced yoga is a growing trend in the United States, where consumption is legalized, and there are good reasons for that.

Cannabis can significantly improve how experiences make us feel (read: can improve taste, can make music sound better, can make physical touch feel more intimate) and practicing yoga is not an exception. These are five tangible ways cannabis can enhance your yoga practice:

Benefit #1: Free up your mind from inner chatter and distractions

The fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind, and environment. But many yogis will agree that focusing on the present moment is hard even after years of practice.

Cannabis makes it easier to tune out the stressors and anxieties that distract you from focusing on the present moment. Typically, at the beginning of the practice, one’s mind is still wandering and thinking about a to-do list or other responsibilities. Consuming cannabis before your practice may connect you better with the present moment.

Benefit #2: Heighten your senses

After moving through the poses once or twice you may notice sensations you haven’t felt before. Each movement, each breath, what you hear, see and feel—all come into your awareness. Perhaps you start appreciating even the smallest movements, the poses that you thought were not having any sort of impact. It seems more obvious how all of these things can go together to create a symphony of feeling, of being present a seamless, flowing practice.

Benefit #3: Maintain a deeper meditative space

Cannabis can help your mind to stay at rest. It can allow you to create space with more focused breathing. At times you will be able to connect so deeply with the present moment, that you’re able to sense when a single thought can distract you from the present. Unless you are constantly meditating, paying attention to your breath going in and out can help create this meditative space.

Benefit #4: Movement becomes more intuitive rather than calculated

One may truly connect for the first time with their body and with their breath after pairing yoga with cannabis. It may be easier for some to start moving intuitively, since cannabis seems to enhance our primal understanding of what our body needs. There becomes a literal flow from one pose to another, instead of the abrupt, robot-like shifts. Cannabis can help guide you as you simply let go and allow your body to take over.

Benefit #5: Possibilities to explore one's self are almost endless

An instructor once described yoga practice as a “date with yourself.” Cannabis can make this date into a multidimensional journey. Navigating the body can feel like exploring a house with many rooms or simply a body you have never experienced before.

Caveats about Yoga and Cannabis

Everything above said, take everything in moderation, as the excess of anything can be dangerous. Too much cannabis with your practice and you may start experiencing diminishing returns for all the benefits mentioned. Cannabis can help shed light on a more enlightened practice, but that’s not to say that we can’t strive for the same within a regular, non-cannabis aided practice. Since self-awareness can be impacted under the influence, you may forget that there is also the sober you that you need to learn about and work to improve.

Consuming cannabis and going to yoga can also make you paranoid, even anxious. If you do experience any of these symptoms, try practicing yoga with cannabis at home or in a safe space where you are most comfortable first—perhaps with someone you trust who is not partaking in cannabis consumption.

If you’re into hot yoga, consider that hot yoga with cannabis can be especially dangerous as both can be dehydrating. If you choose to partake in this, please be careful to be always hydrating!

All in all, don’t push it. Pay attention to how far you are pushing yourself and if you need to take a beat to breathe and rest. Be careful and mindful of the fact that you are engaging in physical activity in an altered state of mind.

What about CBD and Yoga instead?

If the words “calming and relaxing” sound a lot like your favorite yoga practice, then perhaps you should try CBD as an alternative to THC. Since CBD won’t have the same psychoactive effects as THC, you may experience added relaxation, flexibility, and easing of pain, without many of the possible side-effects experienced with THC.

Jaywalk Wearable CBD provides your body with lasting CBD for up to 48 hours, with diminishing effects thereafter. If you apply your Wearable CBD in the morning, peak release of the CBD should occur after 3-6 hours (depending on your metabolism). CBD will be released throughout your day and will be peaking leading up to yoga, during your experience, and then afterwards to assist with recovery. Workouts may even help the CBD to metabolize faster, leading the Wearable to deliver more CBD throughout the exercise. The Wearable is shower and workout friendly and, if applied properly on an area that is not exposed to wear, it won’t fall off. Sleep easy at the end of the night, as the product will continue working at full release for 48 hours.

Jaywalk Thoughts

Cannabis can garner an extremely thoughtful experience, but a thoughtful experience can also be the result of sober practice. If you can do so safely, you can maximize the sensations and enhance your yoga practice with both THC and/or CBD.

“For some people, cannabis can help open the spiritual door and give them a peek.”

Perhaps a Jaywalk recipe: Pair yoga with CBD during the week for added relaxation. Come Friday, enjoy cannabis and CBD with your yoga practice as a way to celebrate the hard work of the week!