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How Wearable Hemp improved my home workout routine

Pre-quarantine, my workout routine consisted of yoga classes and the gym. Now, like most people, I work out at home with the help of online classes, YouTube videos, and training apps. It gets the job done, but it’s not exciting, which prompted me to explore ways to improve my workouts at home. Here is what happened when I tried Jaywalk Wearable Hemp to enhance my quarantine fitness routine:

More in touch with my body.

Because I do a lot of high intensity workouts and strength training, I got used to feeling numb during regular practice. Understanding that each person is different, with Wearable Hemp, I felt every muscle and movement; a deeper sense of connection with my body - something I haven’t felt in years.

Increased flexibility.

I am guilty of not stretching enough after I work out. Along with enhanced sensations, Wearable Hemp pushed me to become more flexible, simply because it feels better with CBD. Stretching no longer feels like a chore. Instead, it’s the treat I look forward to after my regular exercise routine.

Deeper sleep.

I strive to prioritize sleep in my life, but like many people I am guilty of letting stress and the hustles of everyday life get in the way. With Wearable Hemp, I let go of the day and fall asleep faster than I normally would. Needless to say, it’s easier to sleep through the night like a baby.

Faster recovery.

Muscle soreness is inevitable after strength training or weight lifting. With Wearable Hemp I wasn’t as easily prone to that soreness, which allowed me to workout for longer. CBD helped expedite my recovery, soothing my muscles and allowing me to not feel the inconvenience of being sore.


Jaywalk Wearable Hemp allows you to be more in tune with your body during workouts and after; it can help you become more flexible, aid in better sleep, and more efficient recovery.