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Quality Commitment

We started Jaywalk with a mission to create safe, high quality products that we would be proud to share with our friends and family. We made a commitment to quality that helps guide our every decision:

Partner with Hemp Farms that Care

Delivering premium quality begins with sourcing hemp from within the United States. We carefully vetted dozens of hemp farms throughout the United States and narrowed our selection down to a few special farms that care passionately about their crop. All hemp is happily sun-grown using organic practices. 

Use Clean Methods to Extract

Our partner farms extract our CBD from hemp plants in an FDA inspected and approved facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The CBD is delivered from hemp plants using an CO2 extraction method, which is an industry standard for clean.

Accept Premium Quality CBD Only

We have 3rd-party independent lab tests performed on every batch for purity and potency. The CBD undergoes rigorous screening for any potential contaminants, pesticides, or heavy metals. Only CBD that passes these tests with flying colors will be accepted by our company and used within our products.

Be Transparent & Provide Certificate of Analysis for Lookup

Transparency is rare in this industry, but we know it's what consumers need most. We want our customers to always be able to verify the independent test results for all of the CBD used within our products. Officially, this is done through a "Certificate of Analysis" or a "COA." Our product batch numbers are conveniently located on the back of every one of our packages so you can easily look it up here.